by Hompa Kassian Shiyambi, Julia Kl├Âckner MdL and members of the Weltkirche foundation of the Diocese of Mainz, Vicar General Maurose Kantana of the Apostolic Vicariate of Rundu, Father Angelo Stipinovich, Counsellor Petrus Kavhura MP, on 26th November 2016 in Nyangana

Many guests from near and far took part in the six hour ceremony in a large tent opposite the AIDS orphanage. The farthest travelled were a 15 person delegation of members of the foundation and of the parish of St. Hildegard - St. Michael in Viernheim. Political and religious leaders from the whole Kavango region along with approximately 1,000 members of their communities were also present. The celebration began with a service with music supplied by choirs from the parishes in the region. Three traditional groups from the area framed the following ceremonies, which culminated in a ribbon cutting before the AIDS orphanage. With the formalities over, all the guests were invited to celebrate together.

Videos of the Dedication