The four kindergartens each have space for approximately 75 children and a staff of three, two kindergarten teachers work with the children and a cook prepares a warm meal for all the children every day.The goal is that the children can learn the English language since that is a requirement for starting school.Spirituality is also an important part of their education.

The daily routine:


07.30- 08.20  Arrival and Indoor Play

08.20- 08.40  Religion

08.40- 09.00  Pre Math

09.00- 09.30  Outdoor Play 

09.30- 09.50  Toilet Routine

09.50- 10.20   Brake Time

10.20- 10.40  Language, Arts

10.40- 11.10  Pre-writing

11.10- 11.40  Lunch Snack

11.40- 12.00  Relax and Depature